Computer Lab


The Balboa Academy Elementary Computer Lab is committed to helping its students, and teachers to become responsible digital citizens. Our Technology Teacher meets weekly during a scheduled time to teach a variety of technology lessons that integrate a range of subject areas such as language arts, science, social studies, math, art, and to work on special projects assigned by the classroom teacher.


Kindergarten students learn proper use of the computer parts, navigate approved websites, and basic word processing including how to type their names.


First Grade students start to use a keyboard and master basic computer terms. They work in word processing programs to practice writing, editing, creating, and keyboarding skills.


Second Grade students learn to use basic technology tools that promote creativity. They also use their foundation in typing to expand their skills by participating in coding, programming, and iPad app activities.


Third Graders combine multiple skills to research facts, use word-processing software, draw and paint software, and create presentations with software such as Pixie-4 and PowerPoint to complete a variety of assignments in language arts, science, social studies, math, and art. These presentations integrate computers into the classroom curriculum and are the first steps to technological literacy.


Fourth Grade students work with a variety of computer applications for slideshows, word processing, coding, and programming games.


All students develop typing skills in the Keyboarding Without Tears program. The Keyboarding Without Tears is a web-based curriculum for grades Kindergarten through Grade 5 that teaches typing, general computer readiness, digital citizenship, and online test prep.