Media Center


The Balboa Academy Elementary Media Center is committed to working collaboratively with students, parents, and teachers to instill a lifelong love of reading as well as the value of incorporating technology into everyday life. Our Media Specialist meets with students weekly during a scheduled time to work on technology skills, research information, improve literacy skills, and support special projects that are assigned by homeroom teachers.


Our Elementary School Media Center participates in the Accelerated Reader program. Accelerated Reader (AR) is a reading program that helps monitor students’ reading growth and promotes an enthusiasm for reading. Students earn points by taking online tests on books they read. Students love to see their points grow! The points earned by students can be used at our AR store during the school year.


Additional to the set Media Skills learning time, our students have a scheduled checkout and Accelerated Reading (AR) time each week.


Our Elementary School Media Center also participates in the “Battle of the Books” reading program. This program is an ongoing and voluntary reading incentive program for students currently in grades 3-6. Locally, schools engage in Battle of the Book competitions to test their reading skills.


The purpose of Battle of the Books is to encourage students to read good books: share them with friends, parents, and teachers, learn how to be a team member, and have a fun and exciting time playing in the “Book Battle” while competing with peers.


The Elementary Media Center is an exciting student center full of activity throughout the school day!