Middle School Field Studies


Educational opportunities outside of the classroom environment are available during our Field Trips to local sites as well as international trips.  For example, students visit:


Panama La Vieja Ruins

Reprosa Factory

Museo Afro Antillano

MS Field Trips  


5th Grade  

1st Quarter – Barrio Pizza 

2nd Quarter – Explora Science Museum 

3rd Quarter – Panama Canal Museum 

4th Quarter – Local Beach Clean-up 


6th Grade 

1st Quarter – Explora Science Museum 

2nd Quarter – Ceramics class with Vicky Olivari 

3rd Quarter – Restaurant Field Trip  

4th Quarter – Barro Colorado 


7th Grade 

1st Quarter – Feria del Libro 

2nd Quarter – Colon in Train and Agua Clara 

3rd Quarter – Orlando International Trip 

4th Quarter – Azuero 


8th Grade 

1st Quarter – Feria del Libro 

2nd Quarter – Chiriqui 

3rd Quarter – Washington and NY International Trip 

4th Quarter – Visit a local business