Balboa Academy High School believes in providing opportunities for the development of the whole child, academically and socially.


One of our primary goals is to prepare students for success in college.  We do this by providing a rigorous curriculum that includes both honors and Advanced Placement courses.  The high school enrolls approximately 280 students and we offer 16 different AP courses.  Even though we practice inclusion, we also offer learning labs in the areas of math and language arts to assist students with special needs.


We work to empower our students by providing them with opportunities in leadership and community service.  BA high school has over 20 student lead clubs each having a community service component.  Students are encouraged to start or join clubs of their interest.  By graduation, each student must have 80 hours of community service.  Students may also become members of the Dragon Council where they will learn leadership skills and how to work as a team.


We also believe in developing a sense of community among our students through the use of houses.  There are six houses in the high school, Wind, Ice, Fire, Earth, Light, and Iron.  The student body is divided among the six houses and it is from these houses that the Dragon Council is selected.

By focusing on academics, leadership, and community, we are able to develop the child academically and socially.