Balboa Academy High School participates in a variety of field studies throughout the year.  We believe that taking students to the field enriches the learning experience.


The list below describes a few of the field studies that have taken place in the past.


  • Isla Saboga – students participated in a sailing course, camping, and community service with the local children.
  • Summit Garden and Casco Viejo – AP art students apply the elements of art
  • Smithsonian Tropical Research Station Genetics Data Base Lab – Biology students visit the lab to get a better understanding of gene sequencing and how it is used.
  • Gamboa Rainforest – students hike the trials to get a better understanding of the rich biodiversity in Panama.
  • MUN events in several locations in Panama
  • Global Issues Network conferences – Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic; Monterey, Mexico; Medellin, Colombia and International School of Panama
  • EcoVenao, Pedasi, Saboga Panama – Ecology club visits the area and learned about sustainability.
  • Summit Resort and Gamboa Rainforest Resort – DRACO retreat
  • Numerous plays in Panama – Spanish classes
  • Latin America Special Olympics – freshmen and sophomores volunteer
  • Panama Beach Clean-up – all high school
  • Biodiversity Museum, Panama
  • AASCA Leadership Conference, Antigua, Guatemala
  • Rome and Florence, Italy – Art history tour
  • China Tour
  • Business Masters Competition – England