1. Does Balboa Academy follow an International Calendar?

Yes. Our school year starts at the beginning of August and ends in Mid-June. Please click the link to view our Academic Calendar. 

Academic Calendar

2. What is the policy for children that transfer from a school with a different calendar?

As per MEDUCA policy,  students must continue on in the same grade level and will be promoted to the next grade level the following school year.

3. Is Balboa Academy a bilingual school?

No. The language of instruction at Balboa Academy is English.

4. What are the school hours?

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday:
  • PK (8:00-12:30)
  • K -12 (8:00-2:55)
  • PK (8:00-11:30)
  • K-12 (8:00-12:45)

5. Why is the Wednesday schedule shorter?

Wednesday afternoons are dedicated to ongoing professional development, training, and planning for our faculty and staff throughout the school year.

6. What are the class sizes?

    • PK: 6 classrooms with a maximum of 12 students per class


    • K: 3 classrooms with a maximum of 20 students per class


    • 1-2: 3 classrooms with a maximum of 22 students per class


    • 3-5: 3 classrooms with a maximum of 25 students per class


    • 6: Students rotate between 3 different classrooms with a maximum of 25 students per class


    • 7-12: Students rotate between 7 classrooms with a maximum of 25 students per class.

7. What are the Tuition and Fees?

Please click on the link to see our tuition and fees

Tuition and Fees



8. What about Financial Aid?

Please keep in mind that scholarships, either partial or full, are not awarded to students in their first academic year at Balboa Academy.

9. How does Balboa Academy determine grade placement?

Generally, placement in grade levels will be by age as of the first day of school of the academic year. For example, PK3 students must be 3 years old on or before August 3, 2023, for the SY2023-2024.


Parents applying with school transcripts or records from outside of Panama should have those validated through the Ministry of Foreign Relations (Embassy of the Country of Origin) and the Panamanian Ministry of Education (MEDUCA) to officially assign entering grade placement.

10. Does Balboa Academy offer any transportation services?

Bus service is provided TRANES PANAMA, S.A. Please click the link for more information: 

Bus Service


 *Bus service is available for students participating in after-school activities. 

11. Does Balboa Academy offer a lunch program?

  • Lunch is catered daily by Natuviva. Parents may pre-order from their monthly menu.
  • Students may also bring food from home.
  • High School 12th grade students may visit “La Plaza” food court across the street from Balboa Academy with parent permission.

12. Do Students wear uniforms?

Yes, as mandated by Panama’s Ministry of Education. Uniforms are sold at the Galapagos store in San Francisco, Calle 71. Please click here for more information.

13. What sort of after-school activities does Balboa Academy offer?

Our after-school program has grown in scope, as we are increasingly able to provide a wide variety of activities (within the areas of athletics, academics, and the arts) to our entire student base.
Our after-school program offerings change each quarter and after-school activities get underway the week after each quarter begins. Click here more information and how to register. 

14. What is “Advanced Placement (AP)?

“Advanced Placement” (AP) is a program of college-level courses. Courses are available in many subject areas, including English, history, humanities, languages, math, psychology and science.   


AP classes don’t just earn you high school credit. You may also earn college credit if you take an AP exam at the end of the course AND earn a score of at least three (3) on a scale of one (1) to five (5). Colleges and universities consider a score of three (3) an indicator of your ability to do successful college work. Please click here for more information.

15. What is the School’s Contact Information?

  • Main Office- Bldg. 100, 302-0035 / 302-0030 (Fax)

  • Pre-Kindergarten- Bldg. 104, 317-0191

  • Middle School- Bldg. 107, 302-0032/302-0043 (Fax)

  • High School- Bldg. 104, 302-0041/302-0036

  • Admissions- Bldg. 100, 302-1076