Balboa Academy is committed to the use of technology and the internet for educational purposes. Technology allows teachers to enhance and extend the curriculum in ways that meet varied student learning needs.
Teachers can present subject matter in different ways and challenge students in ways not possible with other media. Along with the advantages that using technology also comes the need to educate students about the responsible and safe ways to use computers and access information on the Internet.
The entire BA faculty and staff is committed to ensuring that our students use computers and the Internet in a safe and responsible manner in educationally sound and productive learning activities.
Over the past five years,  Balboa Academy has increased its academic programs and commitment to our innovative technology programs. This has led to the installation of interactive whiteboards and programs for learning,  robotics programs, coding, programming, digital media and photography, technology for individualized learning and assessment, and video production.
We want to continue and expand these efforts by strengthening our current technology infrastructure, updating our MS and HS labs to be more responsive to innovation and collaboration, providing for a more professional setting for students to produce and edit video and sound projects, and allowing for the incorporation of innovative hardware and software programs across the school to facilitate creative and appropriate uses of technology in every classroom.